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Another new puppy, found some weeks ago now.
The Date of Birth for Misty is approx. 09.13.
Misty is neutered. Although still a little frightened she is a very loving little girl.

My friend Joan had received a call saying that there was a dog under a wheelie bin in the village of Kalo Horio. It wasn't moving and they thought it might be injured. So off I go to investigate. Turns out it was a very frightened pup. When I got there she came running out to greet me, tail between her legs. Then a car came by and she scooted back under the bin. As the bin was at the side of a busy main road, I couldn't just leave her there as we all know what would happen, so, even though HHC is more than full, I took her with me.

Misty was re-homed by Atlas in October 2017

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