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Jack (Blackjack) was running around outside Hectors House. He had been tied up and left there, but had broken free. As I had no room inside I just used to leave food and water outside for him. Also he was not approachable as he was very frightened.
I fed him each day and he came closer etc and would let me stroke him.
After a couple of weeks the local shepherd said he had seen a black dog and another dog steal some of his chickens and was worried that the dogs may attack his sheep.
I told him I would catch the black dog but had not seen the other dog. So now Jack is a HHC dog... like I need anymore!

Jack is approx 15 months old and still very shy. He is neutered. Jack is medium in height but of a light build.

If you feel you could adopt Jack, please contact us.

Maybe you cannot adopt Jack, but would like to sponsor him until he is adopted.
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Microchip Code: 900182001390594

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