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Thank you for your interest in helping the animals at Hectors House Crete.

Sponsoring a Dog or Cat (Virtual Pets)
You can sponsor any of the animals by making a regular payment through PayPal. This can be weekly, monthly or annually. The amount is up to you.

We keep you informed of their progress by emailing you photos/videos and regular updates.

We have a number of Virtual Pets who cannot leave the sanctuary of HHC due to health or other reasons. You are also able to sponsor any of our animals waiting for adoption until we manage to find them a new home.

To sponsor a Virtual Pet or Adopt a Dog, please enter the amount, currency, payment interval and the dog or cats name below and then click the 'Donate' button. You can also leave any other comments as well.

Dog/Cats Name:
Additional Comments:
Donate using PayPal

Single Donations
If you would like to make a one-off donation in general to help all the animals at HHC, just enter the amount and currency while leaving the interval optin to "One Time".

We are very grateful for any donation you can make no matter how much.

The HHC Team.

*Please note, You DO NOT need a PayPal account to make a donation. You can simple use any credit/debit card.