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Alfie came from the streets of Agios Nikolaos where he had spent a lot of his time roaming around the restaurants looking for a kind person to give him food. Anyway last year he was picked up from the streets by an English couple... lucky Alfie.
The couple had to back go back to the UK at the end of the season and a friend of theirs said he would look after Alfie until they returned in April 2012. Well, April came and went and the couple, for various reasons did not return. The friend was not able to look after Alfie any longer so HHC were asked to help out on the promise that Alfie was going to England to join his 'owners'. I prepped Alfie and offered to bring him with me in August, as I was already travelling to the UK with a cat. 'Great', the owners said. Two weeks before I was due to depart I got a call to say that the couple had parted and the male had got a new job and would be working away alot so could not take Alfie! What about the girlfriend??? So much for so called ANIMAL LOVERS!!!!

So, here is Alfie, who would so love to have a nice new home with PROPER OWNERS who really care about him. Alfie is approx 6 years old. He suffers from arthritis but gets about ok. He likes other dogs but will under no circumstances share his food with them...

Alfie was adopted in December 2012

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