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Unfortunately Fred passed away in March 2015 from kidney failure brought on by Leishmania
Fred was a lovely male dog of medium size but stocky build.
I have known this dog since he was a pup, born approx May 2008. He was found down a large drainage whole where he had been thrown and left to die at 3 months old.
A very good Greek friend of mine who had recently lost her dog asked me for a puppy, so Fred became hers. Recently my friend had to move house due to ill health and could no longer look after Fred properly so I said HHC would look after him and find him a new home.
You couldn't wish to meet a nicer dog. He loves people, dogs, cats....just about everything.
When he came to us he was quite thin, not like him, so we had him tested and he was positive for Leishmania. Fred has responded well to his treatment and is back to his normal weight apprx 28 kilos!!!

If you feel you could adopt Fred, please contact us.

Maybe you cannot adopt Fred, but would like to sponsor him until he is adopted.
If you would like to sponsor Fred please click here to visit our donations page.

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