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Copper is a lovely male dog born approx Jan 2012. He is medium build and called Copper because of the rich colour of his fur.
Copper did not have a great life until he reached HHC. He had been a stray in the area of Istron where it transpires he had been shot in the leg, bullets still lodged in his front paw.
He had been wandering around for weeks when someone called to say he'd been hit by a car. Some friends who had been feeding him caught him (he was very scared and traumatised by his 'accident') and I took him to the vets.
By the time he got to the vets he had calmed down, so he did not need to be sedated for his x rays. This is where we found out that he had been shot some weeks before and the bullets had gone through the bone and lodged in his paw.
He had probably just been hit by a stick/broom etc which had caused the area of the break to swell up causing great pain to him.
When he reached HHC he was still very frightened, but after a day or two he started to trust again. Soon he begain to hug you when you went to feed him and now he just loves everyone.
He is such a loving boy ......

Copper was re-homed by GAS in April 2015

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