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Scrappy 1Scrappy was brought to HHC in the summer of 2011. He was in a terrible state.

Scrappy was malnourished, almost bald, his pads were so sore that they were bleeding and he was in so much discomfort he had to sleep on a padded mattress.
After months of special skin treatments, baths and good food Scrappy began to show improvement. His fur started to grow back and he put on lots of weight.

scrappy 2Unfortunately no-one was interested in adopting him and as much as we fed him, walked him and cuddled him he began to show signs that he was not a happy dog. Scrappy began to pace all the time and scream (and I mean scream) when he was left alone, which obviously at a shelter is most of the time.
He began to lose his fur again and lose weight.

Obviously living in a shelter was not the best place for a dog like Scrappy, so I asked Mirtos Animal Project ( a group we re-home dogs through) if they could make Scrappy a priority.
So as soon as it was possible we flew Scrappy out to Holland where he was looked after by a foster mum until he found his forever home. And what a wonderful job Suzanne did.

All Scrappy needed was a little TLC.



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