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Frankie is a male dog DOB approx 02/12. He is part Cretan Hound and is a med/large dog. Frankie had been on the streets near Agios Nikolaos for some days before he was hit by a car and left for dead.
A local taverna owner called me to say that a dog had been hit by a car and could not walk, so I went to investigate.
When I arrived at the Taverna 'Frankie' was lying near the road with both front legs in makeshift splints (first photo). So off to the vets we went. As you already know both his front legs were badly broken and he had to have surgery to put metal plates in both legs. Thankfully all the costs were covered by donations. I just need a good home for him as he is a very loving dog and just loves people and lots of attention. Unfortunately he will not get all the attention he needs at Hectors House. I am trying to find a foster locally for him but not having much luck.
Frankie is an amazing dog. When he was on the streets he would not go near people, but now he just loves them. He is very gentle, even when he was in pain he did not try to bite he just let you help him. As you can see from the photos, he's a real character.

If you feel you could adopt Frankie, please contact us.

Maybe you cannot adopt Frankie, but would like to sponsor him until he is adopted.
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Microchip Code: 900182001393248

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