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Back in September when I was on holiday a puppy was thrown over the fence at HHC. Unfortunately the puppy hid under a shed and no one knew he was there until a few days after I returned. When I passed the door of the shed I heard a low growling noise and when I got down on the ground and looked under the shed I saw a very frightened puppy.
The poor thing was so terrified he would not come out from under the shed. At night when no one was around he would come out and pinch the cat food from the cat bowls and this is how he had survived.
Anyway we started to feed him regularly to build him up as he was very, very thin. Eventually he came out from under the shed and we put him in a dog crate inside. At first he would not let you stroke him, but slowly, after some weeks he got used to it.
He has now been moved to an outside pen and put in with another more confident dog which has been a great help to his confidence.
This poor pup must have been so badly treated to be so young and so frightened of people.
Ed is male pup (DOB 06/15). I would estimate that he will be a medium size approx  13 kilos when fully grown.

If you feel you could adopt Ed, please contact us.

Maybe you cannot adopt Ed, but would like to sponsor him until he is adopted.
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Microchip Code: 900182001393292