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JohnnyJohhny is a hunting dog, very much like a Pointer. He is approx 3 years old.
We had a call from someone from a village nearby saying that there was a stray dog near their apartments with a terrible wound to his neck. When we went to investigate, we could see how bad the wound was. The dog was very scared of us when we tried to approach him, so much so, it took 3 months to finally catch him. (See all the details in 'Success Stories').
Johhny also has Leishmania and is not very 'hospitable' when he meets new people. After I caught him he became my friend instantly, but does not readily accept others without a lot of coercion. So, for these reasons he is not suitable for re-homing.
Johhny also needs medication for his Leishmania on top of food costs etc.

If you decide to virtually adopt Johhny we will regularly e mail photos/videos and keep you updated on all of his adventures.

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