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Iris is a blind dog. I found her roaming outside HHC the day after Angel was tied up.. She was very frightened at first and when I approached her she ran away, but she stayed in the area.
At first I did not realise that she could not see. It was only when I got close to her 2 days after first seeing her that I realised her problem.
Iris is approx 2 years old. She is only a small dog and as you can imagine a little frightened. But she is very affectionate and just loves a belly rub.
I have since found out that some weeks ago she had a litter of puppies and was attacked by a bird of prey who took her puppies away. Iris obviously put up a fight and that's how she lost her sight. She did have lots of scratches on her face when I found her, so this is possible.

I also found out that Iris and Angel were seen in the garden of a businessman from Agios Nikolaos, who had been at HHC asking if I could take a dog and 5 puppies from him........I explained that I was full and couldn't.

So it looks like he just dumped some other dogs on me instead!

Iris was adopted in November 2013

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