Hectors House Crete​

Providing Safe Shelter for the Stray Dogs & Cats of Agios Nikolaos Region, Crete.

Please support our efforts by making a donation, becoming a volunteer, sponsorship or adopting.

We are here for the forgotten animals of Crete.


Hectors House Crete is a not for profit organisation and dog & cat shelter, located in an old olive grove near the village of Pirgos, near Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

Our Mission

Is to help stray dogs and cats from our area by providing them with a safe environment until they can be re-homed.

Unfortunately, most animals that are rescued to our shelter, end up here after suffering horrible cruelty, abandonment and neglect.

Our aim is to highlight the plight of these animals, adopt them out to loving forever homes, educate owners on proper pet care and compassion and inform animal lovers worldwide, of what we do and how we help these poor creatures.

Please support our efforts!

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2003 – 10 Jan 2013

The Story of Hector and his House...

- Hector

Hector was one of our very first rescue dogs, which we found on a local beach, frightened, injured and malnourished.

We were caring for 6 other local strays within this beach area, however, Hector’s capacity for trust, love and his willingness to receive medical aid from us (even after the abuse he had clearly suffered) was what led us to adopt him.

And ultimately opening the shelter in his name.

Hectors House Crete.

Dog & Cat Adoption

Almost all of the dogs and cats of Hectors House Crete are available for adoption. Each year we find loving forever homes for over fifty rescue animals.

If you would like to welcome one of our canine or feline angels into your family, discover our adoption process below.

Hectors House Crete Adopt

Adoption Requirements

  • A Patient & Loving Heart
  • Stable Home Environment
  • Commitment to Veterinary Treatment
  • Lifetime Companionship

Adoption Process

  • Application Submission
  • Approval Process
  • Coverage of Adoption Costs

Volunteer at Hectors House Crete

Volunteers are the life-blood for the construction, animal fostering and daily operations of Hectors House Crete. We always need vacation, remote and long-term volunteers.

Without their generous assistance, we would likely cease to exist.

Have you ever considered animal shelter volunteering?

Hectors House Crete Volunteer

Our Volunteering Needs

  • Shelter Daily Upkeep Volunteers
  • Fosterers
  • Construction & Maintenance Help
  • Dog Walking & Exercise
  • Fundraising & Social Media Assistance
  • EU Adoption & Relocation Connections

Your Volunteering Experience

* Helpful but not essential

  • Animal Care Experience
  • Building Skills
  • Any Online/Fundraising Skills
Animals Rescued
100 +

Animals Rescued

400 +


3500 +

Followers Worldwide

$ 100 K+

Funds Raised

What We Achieved

During our twelve years of operation, we have successfully rescued, re-homed and created a safe haven for hundreds of neglected stray animals of Crete. 

To support us and become part of the Hectors House Crete family, follow us:

Our Latest Trial

Saving Hectors House Crete

In November of 2020, after 10 years on rented land, Hectors House Crete had been served an eviction notice by the Crete Forestry Department, without providing a location to relocate the Animal Sanctuary to (as is this agency’s duty). This eviction could have occurred, potentially within days. Leaving the 80+ animals in our care, homeless!

So the shelter desperately needed to raise the funds to purchase new land to construct a new sanctuary and to fight an impending legal dispute.

We were out of time, out of money and it was a complete emergency!

We Need Your Support!

Thank you for your interest in helping the animals of Hectors House Crete. Between feeding, providing shelter, veterinary assistance and upkeep, our monthly expenses run into the thousands of € Euros.

Your donation support is greatly appreciated.