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ladyLady is a lovely hunting dog approx 4 years old. Although Lady would make a superb pet, she cannot be re-homed. As well as suffering from Leishmania she is also a little incontinent. When she gets excited, especially when meeting people, she pees. Apparently there is not an operation that can fix this problem, nor any medication....
Lady was found roaming around the local beach with a lovely little scruffy dog we named Tramp. Tramp soon found a home in Holland.
Lady is very happy here at Hectors' House. She, like Hector, has a large fenced area to play in. She loves it when we have visitors too. Lady not only needs food etc but special medication for the Leishmania also.

If you decide to virtually adopt Lady we will regularly e mail photos/videos and keep you updated on all of her adventures.

Please click here if you would like to sponsor Lady on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

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