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Harvey 1 DayIn June 2010 I received a call from a couple of tourists who had found a day old puppy under a bush in the village of Limnes. I agreed to meet them on the premise that I would have to take the puppy to the vets to have it put to sleep, as I could not possibly give 24 hours a day to a puppy, when I had to look after other dogs too. (I don't feel that it is up to tourists to have to go to the vets for such a thing....)
When I met Ann and Pete and puppy I was amazed at how 'lively' this little thing was. When I met up with my friend, Becky who was going to accompany me to the vets, she took one look at me and said " I don't know about you, but I can't do it"....I had to agree so made a phone call to a lady who normally hand rears kittens to see if she would agree to rearing the little pup. Thankfully she did and looked after him for the next 6 weeks, then Becky took over until she left for England at the end of July. The puppy then came to HHC.

harvey-food-bowel_thDuring October Ann and Pete came back to Crete for a holiday and wanted to come along to HHC to see Harvey, the puppy. At this stage they were contemplating adopting Harvey. They explained that they had never had a dog before and were not too sure about it. So, I suggested they took him out for the afternoon to see what they thought. Well, when they came back they had fallen in love with him and decided to adopt him.

Unfortunately at this time (things are changing in 2012) it takes approx 7 months to process a dog/cat to travel to England, if they do their quarantine here. You can of course take an animal directly to the UK if you are willing to pay £5000 - £6000 for kennels, vets etc. So, Harvey stayed here at HHC until May 2011. During his time at HHC, Harvey participated in a few events including the Chritmas Newsletter where he wore antlers......and the Sponsored Walk where he was carried for half of the walk!!!!
Harvey is a lovely dog and we miss him a great deal, but know he is living a better life with his new family.